LinkedIn Lead Generation Programs


Do you have a great product or service that not enough people know about?

Is your product or service still unknown to your ideal prospects? Are traditional business development methods yielding disappointing results? Are you looking for a high-tech, 21st-century lead generation system that is automated and produces consistent, sustainable results?

This program will be a definite game changer for your business

Our LinkedIn, lead generation program is ideal if:     

  • You have a broadly available product or service with thousands of prospects    
  • You understand who buys your product or service and why they buy it
  • You can follow up with tons of prospects
  • You have built a solid LinkedIn network but you are neglecting them

What we do

  • Profile optimization – to increase the conversion of profile visits into leads  
  • Target ideal prospects using advanced LinkedIn filters 
  • Convert prospects into leads with well-crafted messaging 
  • Significantly grow your network – send out 600 to 800/month, 1,800 to 2,400/quarter connect requests to your ideal prospects 
  • Set-up all new connections on a follow-up messaging sequence (2 to 3 messages)
  • Daily posting & sharing of relevant articles to attract viewers to your LinkedIn profile
  • Reach out to all relevant prospects who viewed your profile
  • Send messages to all relevant 1st level connection notifications (work anniversaries, new job announcements, etc.) 
  • Monthly Performance Reporting 
  • Discovery calls: Provide a sustainable and consistent flow of discovery calls with prospects that fit your ideal target profile   
  • Connect with decision makers: Make connections with key decision makers to open new markets and buyers 
  • Nurture your existing connections and stay top of mind
  • Load your sales funnel: Continuously fill your sales funnel with ideal prospects 
  • Generate discovery calls: 120/month 360/quarter discovery call invitations sent to your new connections 
  • Done-For-You service – spend your time only following up on warm leads 

2/LinkedIn Focused

60 Leads in 30 Days - Guaranteed!

This unique program will fill your sales pipeline with qualified, targeted leads. You can expect your first meeting within 72 hours of starting the program and we guarantee 60 leads in 30 days.

OUR REAL TIME + ON DEMAND LinkedIn lead generation program will connect your business to the right audience with a customized campaign within the 7.2+ million business owners who have opted into our network… and are actively looking for your products and services.

WHY IT WORKS: We've built a network of over 7.2 million C-level executives and business owners who have opted in because they are actively looking for innovative solutions to their problems. Our proprietary technology and unique marketing approach enable us to find your ideal prospects according to your exact parameters with incredibly high conversion rates to every contact.

WHAT MAKES THIS DIFFERENT: We guarantee 60 leads in 30 days or you get your money back, unlike any other lead generation firm. We have built a massive network of relevant connections, and provide you fast, customized results.

30 HOT LEADS aka. business owners that...

  • Want someone to contact him/her immediately
  • Provided phone number + best time to be contacted
  • Are familiar with your business/your services
  • Are ready for your sales team to close them!

30 WARM LEADS aka. business owners that...

  • Want to find out more about your services
  • Are interested in being contacted in the near future
  • Fill your sales funnel for your sales team to nurture!

Real Time Visability

We have built an in-house system to track and receive leads with a dashboard portal that lets you see leads in real time with company, name, location, responses and more.

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