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Turnkey LinkedIn B2B Sales Generation Program



Our Program Produces Optimum Results When: 

  • You have a team of agents who need more leads
  • You have a broadly available product or service with thousands of prospects 
  • You understand who buys your product or service and why they buy it
  • Your agents can follow up with a steady stream of leads and convert those leads into new business
  • You are open to working with a performance-based partner that is offering a structured proven process for lead generation and new revenue creation


1/ Lack of leads and sales opportunities

2/ Inconsistency with lead generation and nurturing - "peak and trough" syndrome

3/ Inability to generate revenue from your existing connections


We will work with your agency to develop, manage and execute our turnkey LinkedIn B2B Sales Generation program . We take on the role of your LinkedIn sales generation strategy team.  


Our compensation model is different from what you will typically find in the marketplace. We are offering select agencies the opportunity to license our turnkey LinkedIn Sales Generation Program.

We do not charge a high monthly fee to generate leads. We want to partner with you to use our knowledge of the LinkedIn platform and sales conversion techniques to generate new revenue for your company on a shared-risk basis.

Our proven-process generates new revenue with a minimal one-time licensing fee, and we make the majority of our fees on a pre-negotiated % of new revenue that our process creates for you. We make our money when your company makes money.


1. Profile Optimization

Optimizing your profile is critical to generating leads on LinkedIn. We will work together to re-configure your LinkedIn profile to support the outreach messaging and highlight your unique value proposition.

2. Dream Target 

Using the filters available in Sales Navigator, we will create a highly targeted prospect list for both current and future campaigns.

3. Messaging

Every good B2B strategy needs a great messaging sequence. We will create a messaging series that maximizes your outreach and conversion potential. This process can also be used to nurture existing connections.

4. Automation

We will leverage proprietary software to automate the majority of your outreach, messaging sequences and other related tasks.

5. Ongoing Support 

  • Weekly Meetings via Zoom Video to optimize your program for lead generation, conversion and new revenue creation
  • Direct access to our team via email and/or our private Slack Channel
  • Audio and Video Recordings of all our meetings for future reference


  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription ($80/month per agent)
  • Automation software ($250/month per agent)



I've known Kevin for almost 10 years. We've worked in/on numerous business ventures together, and he's currently helping to expand my network and provide lead generation.  

Two things I've observed over the years that leave a huge impression are his extraordinarily high levels of creativity and utmost integrity. You only discover those character traits in the trenches, and I've seen them over and over again.  

Highly recommended!

Joseph Skursky

President, Market Leader Solutions

In the past eight weeks using your program, we have established connections with more than 350 new contacts and we are engaged in conversations with more than 20 high profile meaningful prospects. We have also submitted two large proposals in the last week. 

We have had more conversations with prospects in the last two months than the prior ten years. Without question, it is the single best sales and marketing investment we have made to date.

Hugh Molyneux - President, Refined Data Solutions Inc. 

Kevin ran a LinkedIn lead generation program for our business in the Summer and Fall of 2017 to great results. From this program our business was able to have over 40 phone calls with prospective clients with 14 of those people taking the next step in our sales process.

Along the way we added over 75 people to our database and have been marketing to them expecting to close more business next year. Thanks for your leadership with this highly successful program Kevin. I look forward to working with you in the coming months into 2018.

Linda Kern

President, The Kern Group


Kevin is a highly professional business development consultant. He fully understands the current market challenges and has developed new lead generation concepts providing his customers with new business opportunities.

I have been working with Kevin for over 15 years and he has helped many of my clients to increase their business. Our team appreciates Kevin's methodical and highly targeted approach achieving a high ROI compared to other lead generation models.

Bernhard Wagenknecht

Senior Business Advisor

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