Joint Venture Partner Program


World’s Most Powerful Business Strategy?


What is a joint venture?  A Joint Venture is an arrangement of mutual benefit between two or more people or businesses who have complementary resources.

Resources can range from products, services, business assets and customer lists.


  • Google and NASA joined to create Google Earth
  • RBC and BMO joined to create Moneris

Another way to view joint ventures - think of your most recent purchase and all of the products and/or services that you added to compliment your purchase.  Did this purchase enhance or take away from the value and your experience?

By leveraging our network, technology and social media strategy, our Joint Venture Partner Program becomes the most effective way to increase your sales - period.

Business Problems Joint Ventures Can Solve:

  • Lack of sales
  • Low volume of repeat customers
  • Low average order size
  • Underutilized company assets

Major Benefits of Joint Ventures & Strategic Partnerships

Depending on the type of partner and arrangement, joint ventures can generate a wide range of benefits for your business.

  • Increase your credibility by teaming up with other reputable, branded businesses
  • Save money on business operating costs
  • Substantially reduce your cost per lead
  • Offer your customers new products and services
  • Gain access to new potential markets
  • Expand and grow your business quickly
  • Increase and protect your cash flow
  • Find new profit outlets
  • Get rid of your extra inventory
  • Monetize your underutilized assets
  • Find hidden income streams
  • Find and create new distribution channels for your products
  • Increase your sales and profits
  • Build profitable alliances with other businesses
  • Offer more bonus products and incentives to buy
  • Create products faster and with less effort
  • Create additional revenue streams and profit centers
  • Monetize your unconverted leads

Our Simple Process

  1. Arrange a video meeting or telephone call to discuss your current business reality, including what you're trying to achieve.
  2. Based on our initial call, if we feel we can help you move the needle, we'll suggest a follow-up call to walk you through our joint venture audit.
  3. Based on the results of your joint venture audit, we will identify at least one joint venture or strategic alliance strategy to help grow your business.
  4. You are in control. At this point, you are free to take the results of the audit and execute on the findings yourself or you can engage with us to do it for you.
  5. If you engage us to implement a joint venture and strategic alliance growth strategy, we guarantee we will find and set-up at least one revenue generating deal for your company!

How We Do It

  • Leverage market research, specifically competitive intelligence and industry data to identify opportunities
  • Design and implement a lead generation strategy targeting your ideal joint venture or strategic alliance partners
  • Utilizing our business network, we will market and promote your product and/or service to key contacts and prospects

Our No Risk, Guarantee: We guarantee that we will find and implement one joint venture partnership within 90 days or your entire investment will be refunded

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