Joint Venture Partner Program

 Recommended for:

  • Organizations that want to create an additional revenue stream without costs
  • Organizations that believe in strategic partnerships
  • Organizations that have the capacity to grow
  • Organizations that want to expand into new markets
  • Organizations that have a product and/or service that can scale


  • 100% refund if we can't get you one Joint Venture Partner within 12-months
  • Small monthly investment is recoverable against future commissions
  • All opportunities are vetted before bringing them to the table
  • We only get paid on the sales created from our sourced opportunities
  • We provide full support of the Joint Venture Partnership
  • We leverage our network to create opportunities

General Overview

What is a joint venture?  A joint venture is an agreement of mutual benefit between two or more people or businesses with a complimentary non-competitive product or service in a similar marketplace.


  • Google and NASA joined to create Google Earth
  • RBC and BMO joined to create Moneris

Another way to view joint ventures - think of your most recent purchase and all of the products and/or services that you added to compliment your purchase.  Did this purchase enhance or take away from the value and your experience?

By leveraging our network, technology and social media strategy, our Joint Venture Partner Program becomes the most effective way to increase your sales - period.

The Details

1/ 12-Months of Sourcing for Joint Ventures - sourcing and looking for marketing and strategic alliances (i.e. strategic partnerships, re-sellers and referral relationships).

  • Leverage market research, specifically competitive intelligence and industry data to identify opportunities
  • Design and implement a lead generation strategy targeting your ideal joint venture or alliance partners
  • Utilizing our business network, we will market and promote your product to appropriate contacts and prospects
  • Full support of joint venture partnership until you're generating revenue from the relationship

2/ 12-Months of Advisory Services - regular meetings and reporting to ensure strategic initiatives are being executed once we have a deal.

  • Meetings may take place in-person and/or Zoom video
  • Ongoing strategic advice and support to guide your team
  • Work with you and your team to convert opportunities

Our No Risk, Guarantee:  At a minimum, we guarantee that we will arrange one Joint Venture Partnership within 12 months or your money back.

We want to partner with you and in doing so we get paid when we deliver results.

We view and treat your business as our own investment. Like yourself, we don’t believe in waste and want to ensure that we all receive a substantial Return on Investment.

We believe that the best way to achieve ROI is to be fully invested in our relationships, which is why we've created our Joint Venture Partner Program.

Joint Venture Online Assessment

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