Joint Venture Marketing

What is joint venture marketing?


In its’ simplest form – we take a company with a great product or service and match it with a company selling a complementary but non-competitive product or service in a similar marketplace. The partnership can be as simple as a one-time joint email marketing campaign with a share of new revenues generated to a referral, affiliate, reseller, dealer or white label model.

In essence, joint venture marketing, which is sometimes referred to as co-marketing or a strategic alliance, allows two companies to combine the strength of their marketing efforts in order to build sales revenue and increase brand awareness.

Why do we like it as a lead generation strategy?


Leverage, that is why we like JV deals.

When done right and with the right partners a joint venture partnership can provide your company with immediate access to warm relationships within your ideal target market.

We have a strong focus and interest in the concept of leveraging sales opportunities via strategic partnerships, reseller and referral relationships. 

Whether you are looking for additional revenue streams for your company or looking for organizations that might be interested in offering your product or service to their clients, we can help.

Explore new opportunities to grow your business!


Realize an additional revenue stream for your business - increase your revenue and profit without increasing your overhead.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering a complementary product or service to your marketplace.

Monetize your unconverted leads – most companies invest significant resources to generate leads. Realistically you may convert 20% of leads into new business. Generate additional revenue for your business by marketing a unique service to your unconverted leads.

Offer your clients, marketing database & social media audience a value-added service that will also create an additional revenue stream for your business while enhancing theirs.

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